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Frameless 1.0 beta (2013-11-27)


XSLT processor

The software is currently in beta, we're still working on supporting more features of XSLT 2.0

  • xsl:import is not implemented.
  • xsl:include include order might not be perfect.
  • xsl:fallback is not supported.
  • xsl:character-map is not supported.
  • xsl:value-of supports only constructing content using the select attribute, not by using instructions inside the value-of element.
  • Parameter tunneling is not supported.
  • Not all static error conditions are recognized, such as using xsl:-elements in the wrong places.
  • Arithmetic operators are not fully supported for dates and durations. For example avg(), sum(), min() and max() only work for numbers.
  • Performing XSLT transformations on HTML documents is largely untested.
  • No support for the Unicode collation
  • Position predicates in template match attributes are not yet implemented correctly. Currently the position will refer to the position of the node in the xsl:apply-templates sequence.
  • Statically known namespaces are not supported at run-time: namespace-uri-for-prefix() and in-scope-prefixes() will not work as expected.
  • Base URI from the static scope is not supported: resolve-uri() will resolve against the location of the main XSLT stylesheet, xml:base will not be used.
  • All numeric types are handled the same way: xs:double, xs:integer, xs:float -- all are just processed as JavaScript numbers inside the processor. There are some checks for the minimum and maximum values of builtin derived types such as xs:positiveInteger
  • disable-output-escaping will never be supported
  • XSLT 1.0 backwards compatibility mode is not implemented.
  • base-uri() is not supported for copied and disconnected nodes. Disconnected nodes will be resolved using xml:base attributes found in the disconnected fragment and by consulting Document.documentURI of the document the node was created in.
  • XML Schema regular expressions are not supported. All regular expressions must be valid JavaScript regular expressions. We do plan on adding support for Unicode ranges that are surrogate pairs in JavaScript.
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