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Frameless update (2013-11-25)

  • <xsl:perform-sort> now support the select attribute in addition to the sequence constructor content
  • XSLT2Processor.setInitialTemplate() and XSLT2Processor.setInitialMode() are now available, they were accidentally being minified
  • <script type="application/xslt+xml> tags now work properly -- they are being detected on DOMContentLoaded so they work even when frameless-xslt2.js is included before the XSLT scripts.
  • ixsl:page()//something now works when the context document is not an HTML but an XML document.
  • Implemented the IXSLT @prop:* attributes
  • Implemented support for occurence indicators for schema type casts, such as element()*, element()? and element()+
  • performance improvements for Internet Explorer at the cost of size: the release is now 56kB. We're still working on browser targeted builds to not have to sacrifice loading speed over runtime speed for all browsers.
Download the new release from http://frameless.io/
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